8 Casson Square, Southbank

Located on the banks of river Thames, adjacent to Westminster and London Eye, right in the heart of Southbank, Eight Casson Square's intricately designed building celebrates the area's rich history and heritage.

Main contractor:
Façade Scope:

London, England
Canary Wharf Group
Patel Taylor
Performing static, fabrication and site project curtain walls.



Country: UK, England
Location: London
Purpose: residential space, office space, retail, services
Main Contractor:  Canary Wharf Group
Architect:  Patel Taylor 
Our contribution:  Performing static, fabrication and site project curtain walls.
Complete: 2018

Located on the banks of river Thames, adjacent to Westminster and London Eye, right in the heart of Southbank, Eight Casson Square's intricately designed building celebrates the area's rich history and heritage.
London’s Southbank became a center of artistic and creative expression since the groundbreaking Festival of Britain, in which it was organized in 1951. In the next few decades in the Southbank became a home of many world-class cultural and artistic institutions such as Queen Elizabeth Hall, National Theater and Hayward Gallery, attracting crowds of viewers to recognized performances, performances, concerts, exhibitions and other artistic events. Southbank was for many years the cultural center of London. But while still keeping true this title, the district began to change its face a bit. In the last dozen or so years, the entire area along this section of the Thames has undergone a complete transformation, thanks to which it has become the beating heart of the capital. No other place, not even in multicultural London, offers such a rich and varied cultural mix, such a diverse organization of outdoor spaces, such interesting architecture and such nightlife centers.
Southbank became a home for new interesting housing developments, office buildings, shopping centers and entertainment centers. One of the largest investments in recent years is Southbank Place located in the heart of South Bank. In addition to the existing Shell Tower, five new residential towers designed by five leading British architectural studios make up an interesting, yet bold fragment of the eclectic and iconic panorama of contemporary London.
One of the five residential skyscrapers that make up Southbank Place is Eight Casson Square - located in a very attractive location on the banks of the River Thames. The apartments in this building are a rare opportunity to enjoy living in central London while still living in a contemporary riverside home.

Eight Casson Square is a 32-story hybrid building that offers 301 luxury apartments and commercial premises on the ground floor connected to the London Underground hall serving Waterloo Station. The building is an important gateway to Southbank Place, drawing crowds from local restaurants and nightlife around York Road and, as the developer advertises, "the key to the heart of the new neighborhood." Like Shell Tower, Eight Casson Square is also a structurally interesting building with a strong vertical expression defined by a solid base, a light center and an intricate crown.
The complex, well-thought-out concept of the building's external appearance has gained the appropriate form of expression thanks to the modular system of single-sided OSM facade panels, abstractly decorated with bay windows. Portland stone, glass details and bronze metal accents were chosen to reflect the historic fabric of central London.
The apartments at Eight Casson Square are the essence of modern luxury. The extremely spacious layouts of the apartments have been designed to maximize natural light throughout the building, with some apartments having two-dimensional, bay windows in the corner. Some of the apartments have also been equipped with winter gardens with breathtaking views of the Thames. All interiors are finished to a high standard, using the highest quality materials.
Residents have access to Waterloo station without even leaving the building, thanks to the brand new entrance hall leading to the station directly from the skyscraper. They can also enjoy many amenities, including a 24-hour front desk, a swimming pool, gym, spa, secure bicycle storage, a terrace available for rent on special occasions, and a shared lounge.

It’s location right on the river, adjacent to Westminster and London Eye, Eight Casson Square, within walking distance of St. Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, and iconic South Bank sites that serve up cultural attractions and culinary delights, celebrate the rich history and heritage of the area. The combination of intricate architectural design and an impressive location make Eight Casson Square one of the city's most sophisticated and desirable residential locations. The skyscraper, designed by Patel Taylor, immediately became part of the landscape of the area as a recognizable building.

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