Compliance with valid provisions

According to the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 on protection of natural persons in relation to personal data processing and free flow of such data and revoking Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), the ALURAC Company protects with due diligence information and personal data acquired from the website users.

GDPR policy – Personal Data protection

The ALURAC Sp. z o.o. Company respects your privacy and knows how important it is to protect data. This policy has been created in order to provide us with a clear way of using data. It describes the method we use to collect, store, process, share, and protect data.

Person responsible for Personal Data

The entity responsible for your Personal Data is the ALURAC Sp. z o.o. Company, which in the further part of policy is referred to using plural first person form (we, us, our, etc.). The said words should be understood as the ALURAC Sp. z o.o. Company that is the Administrator in the context of processing your Personal Data. In case of additional questions regarding Data processing or rights, contact us under the address:

Scope of collected Personal Data

You can use our website without providing Personal Data. We collect only such Data, which are provided in case of a direct contact with us via e-mail or our Internet services, as well as within the recruitment process. If you are our customer (including potential customer), we collect contact data related to our services. In addition, we process Data collected with the help of cookies. Such information may include pages visited on our website, pages visited through our website, and duration of a visit on our website.

Purpose of Personal Data processing

The collected Personal Data are collected solely in the scope necessary for us to carry out our actions, which cover the performance of obligations resulting from agreements, queries, and communication related to our services. Additionally, the Data that you send to us or are collected by cookies can be processed for the following purposes: statistical purpose and identification of demographic data and data on website users’ interests without the possibility to identify a user; we also process the Data to diagnose problems on our servers, manage our website, or for other purposes that you asked for or agreed to provided that provisions of the Law do not state otherwise.

Sharing the data with third parties

We do not share your Personal Data with third parties under our activity. Sharing Data with third parties occurs only in case of commissioning certain activities to such party. Sharing your Data to external entities occurs after applying appropriate legal basis and while using appropriate safeguards.

Personal Data usage method along with legal basis

The processing of your Personal Data for purposes described in this document occurs on the basis of our legally justified interest consisting of maintaining relation and communicating with you in relation to establishment of contact via form on the website and receiving your Data this way.

Data storing

We store your Personal Data only for such period of time that is necessary for the purposes, for which they were collected, or for a duration resulting from defined legal or contractual obligations. Your Personal Data are stored on our servers that are managed by us. Our business partners, who in certain cases store Personal Data for us, ensure a safety level equal at least to the level provided by the ALURAC Company. We do not share Personal Data in any form, with the exception of company responsible for the ALURAC website or if it is required by authorised bodies.


We use technical and organisational safety measures in order to protect your Personal Data against loss of availability and confidentiality. Additionally, we put a great stress on ensuring the integrity of Data. Our privacy policies and procedures are periodically verified in terms of correct operation to ensure the best protection possible during Personal Data processing.


You have a full right to the possibility of processing your Personal Data according to the Law in a reliable and clear way. According to the GDPR, you have the right to:

  • access your Personal Data and receive a copy of them;
  • correct your Data;
  • remove or limit the processing of your Data;
  • object against Data processing;
  • transfer your Data;
  • lodge a complaint to supervisory authority.

Consent to Personal Data processing is voluntary and can be revoked at any given time in the advanced settings.


In case you are not satisfied with how we process your Personal Data, you have the right to lodge a complaint to appropriate Data Protection Authority. If you notice cases of violating Personal Data processing by us, immediately contact us under the address: