Oracle Block A (EastPoint)

The buildings occupied by the IT giant Oracle are located in the huge EastPoint business center in Dublin. In 2016, they underwent a thorough metamorphosis.

Main contractor:

Façade Scope:

Dublin, Ireland
Scott Tallon Walker
Performing static, fabrication and site project curtain walls.


Country: Ireland
Location: Dublin
Purpose: office space
Main Contractor:  Earlsfort Centre Developments ,
Architect:   Scott Tallon Walker
Our contribution: Performing static, fabrication and site project curtain walls.
Complete: 2016

The buildings occupied by the IT giant Oracle are located in the huge EastPoint business center in Dublin. 
Earlsfort Center Developments engaged Scott Tallon Walker to plan and design the business center in 2000. The design concept envisaged the creation of a complex of modern, economic, flexible and well-serviced buildings. Each building was given a different form, but all used the same palette of materials. This is how the design of a unique business park was created, situated in a beautiful, picturesque setting on the Dublin Bay. Center with approximately 140,000 square meters of office space. The office buildings of the complex are surrounded by a large park with seaside walking paths, cafes, nurseries, an open-air gourmet market and sports facilities. Over 50 companies have their headquarters in the complex, and over 6,000 employees work here.    

The buildings in EastPoint area occupied by Oracle were built in stages between the  2008 and 2010. In 2016, all of them underwent a major renovation to give them a more original shape, an effective and more practical form, as well as to reduce energy consumption. Block A has undergone the most thorough transformation. The basis for the transformation of the gray, nondescript office building into the flagship Oracle building was the idea of giving the building a geometric dynamics. Oracle Block A is a futuristic design, environmentally friendly by reducing energy demand, original formally, efficient and durable.   
Rebuilt in the same year, Oracle Block B has been designed as a futuristic, flexible and friendly workplace. The main contractor was Mac Interiors, and the Meehan Associates architectural studio was responsible for the arrangement. Glazing was installed on each floor to ensure integration with the two twenty-meter canopies of the atrium. Built-in automatic blinds in the roof and perimeter glazing are electronically controlled. The use of intelligent functions allowed to reduce energy consumption by 40% compared to the old office building. The building uses an innovative lighting system using integrated and suspended high-performance LED luminaires with daylight control. The luminaires are equipped with a sensor to automatically dim the lights based on the natural light levels during the day and the number of people in the room, to save energy and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building. On the roof, photovoltaic panels were installed to supply the building with electricity, and the glazing was equipped with automatic systems of solar-controlled blinds. The renovation of Oracle Block C with an area of 16,500 square meters gave the building a completely new character. This block had a data center supporting Oracle, which had to be continuously operational throughout the entire renovation process. The complete renovation of the façade with new curtain walls, limestone cladding and the entrance allowed for a complete change in the character of the building, which, apart from offices, also included a café, a rotating climbing wall and an interactive conference room equipped with the latest network infrastructure and audiovisual technology.

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