Alum-Fab offers the following types of cooperation and services:


We assembly final product basing on the design delivered by the customer.  
If you need manpower for assembly of fully-machined system profiles and accessories.


We fabricate basing on the design delivered by the customer. 
If the manpower is not enough and you require the support of the full production line or even five.


We deliver ready product, we provided a full design, we can design a full system. 
If you need a top full fabrication service together with production and installation drawings. Our workshop processes can work based on the provided fabrication documentation, but we can do it all on our own. If there is such a need, we may provide Autocad, Revit or Inventor design service.


To make the life of our customers easier we can provide a site support to deal with
design and fabrication issues.  
If the project you have to carry is hard and complicated, it is always nice to feel someone supporting you. If you feel it may be necessary, please do not be afraid to ask for our engineer assistance on-site to deal with technical issues.

We are happy to answer your needs

ALUM FAB provides fabrication service for facade companies. Thecompany is made up of people that have more than 20 years experience in fabrication and supervision of projects of various scales on the UK, Irish, Canada, US, Belgium, Polish and French markets.